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We are the experts in washing, painting and paint maintenance of all interior and exterior surfaces. Commercial buildings, education, retirement living, body corporates, light industrial, health facilities.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT. When we turn up to site for the first time, we wear clean and tidy, unmarked CPL uniform and use plenty of signage around to show the client we care and are professional. We are always on time every day and do a full day’s work and sometimes more.

HOW WE LEAVE THE SITE EACH DAY. We make sure all tools are packed away in our vans and rubbish is removed from site and disposed of. All areas worked on that day are checked over and touched up so not to leave untidy painting workmanship.

OUR SITE BEHAVIOUR. We don’t use foul language or smoke on site because we have respect for the client and their property. We are responsive and communicative with the client and their tenants so they feel informed of what we are doing.

SAFETY. Commercial Painting Ltd care about our employees, clients and their tenants. We also care about our environment. Our Health, Safety and Environment system is written and followed by all staff to ensure we are causing zero harm through being proactive in our approach.

QUALITY. Each project commences with our preparation team. Washing, sanding, filling, priming and other forms of preparation are completed as required to ensure the job is done correctly from the outset. After which point the painting team apply the undercoats and top coat. This process is a key point of difference easing the mind of the project management team and clients who feel assured that their property is being well looked after.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT. The projects we carry out for our clients are well managed by Chris Harris who runs the company. All risk assessments are written and risks are managed before the projects are started. The client is informed of a start date and project timeline that work for both parties. The preparation team are sent in first to prepare the surfaces for repainting which is carried out by our expert painters. Chris will check on progress throughout the project and will ensure the job is complete and signed off.

Staff Training & Certification

First Aid Certificate

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Silvercard EWP Certificate


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