Consider it done

When you ask Commercial Painting Limited to do something, we record all the details, we prepare well, we carry out the work safely and efficiently, we update you on progress and let you know when the job is complete. No fuss, no fluff. Just results.

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Our Foundations


All of our staff are trained in-house to the CPL way of doing things. Our systems are consistant throughout the business including how we price jobs, the way we prepare surfces, the products we use, and how we work as a team.


We celebrate originality, CPL staff and customers are from different backgrouds and experiences. We encourage everyone to be themselves help influence the CPL way. We have over 20 different unifrom choices and hold specialist training for staff who have want to do something unique.


We are always happy to work in with others requirements and comitments, wether there is s a timframe to stick to or difficluites to overcome in regards to working around other trades or tenants. Our normal work hours are 730am to 4pm weekdays, but we have staff who are able to work weekends, nights or any other time or travel requirements.

Our Pillars


“If ye harm none, do what ye will” – Doreen Valiente. Our goal is to eliminate harm so we can continue our work safely. When planning our work, we always consider the potential harm to ourselves, harm to others and harm to the environment.


“Quality means doing it right when no one else is looking” – Henry Ford. We repect our work places and the people involved. When we are working, we have the intention of achieving the best results.


“One for all, and all for one” – The Three Musketeers. The leadership of CPL comes from within. We all look out for each other and work as a team.